Sitting Astronaut Smartphone and Tablet Stand

It's almost time to get back the Lem (lunar module) and fire RCA boosters for a prograde burn towards Earth. However your tabletop Astronaut is fatigued after completing the missions experiments and after a quick check of life support on the handheld device, decides there should just be enough time to rest for a short while.

The backpack, specially designed for carrying heavy items such as multi-use, computing and display devices, along with the low gravity environment helps to ensure that the return trip to the Lem (lunar module) should not cause a problem 

Take your table top or desk space to outer space with this uber cool, hand painted Sitting Astronaut Smartphone and Tablet Stand. Perfect for charging your device, watching a video or general use of your Smartphone or Tablet.

  • Super Unique
  • Super Cool
  • Super Desirable
  • Super Handy For Viewing or Charging Your Smart Device
  • Hand Finished